Buying Tiny House Appliances: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

One of the biggest challenges of building a tiny house is finding space to fit the essentials. Although many kitchen appliances are things you can do without (toasters and blenders, for example) a few are must-haves, and it takes some careful planning to fit them all in. Here are a few things to look for in order to avoid a few of the common pitfalls in choosing tiny house appliances.

  1. Electrical System
    Does your tiny house have a 20, 30 or 50-amp electrical system? That will have an impact on your selection, since you don’t want to choose something that won’t work properly.
  2. Storage Capacity
    Don’t forget the functionality! You want small, but not too small. Unlike RV appliances, tiny house appliances will have to serve you year-round, not just for small bursts during vacations. A college-style minifridge is probably not going to do the trick.
  3. Square Footage
    Take a close look at the footprint of the appliance before you buy. In a tiny house, it makes sense to go with appliances that have the smallest possible footprint and utilize vertical space instead. When it comes to fridges, for instance, Danby’s tiny house fridge line has units that range from 72x76cm to as small as 54x56cm.
  4. Reviews
    Have you done your research? Really done it? Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to rely on the word of a salesperson on whether or not an appliance is worth our hard-earned cash. So don’t miss the opportunity to hear real-life impressions of what it’s like to live with an appliance before you commit.
  5. Trend vs Timelessness
    You have lots of choices when it comes to home comfort from Danby, with appliances in all different colours and finishes. The choice of whether to go with something trendy (like a brightly-coloured retro-style fridge) or something more subdued (like a plain white or stainless steel one) is another thing that should take some consideration. You don’t want to invest in an appliance, only to get sick of it when trends move on a few years later; if you’re planning to use an appliance for the long haul, it might be better to get something that won’t look outdated in a few years’ time.
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6 Ten-Second Tricks for a More Photogenic Smile


You can’t get a perfect smile overnight. Fortunately, there’s a lot more to a photogenic smile than straight, white teeth. So don’t be shy! Try these tricks the next time you smile for the camera.

Take it Easy

It’s hard to look natural when you’re posing for photos. Forced smiles don’t look good on anyone, no matter how perfect their teeth are. If you can’t muster a natural smile, try to relax and smile gently instead of flashing a fake grin. Open your mouth slightly, squint your eyes just a bit, and keep your neck muscles relaxed. This subtle look often translates better to photos than an unnaturally exuberant smile.

Turn to the Side

People often joke about capturing their “good side” in photos. Truth is, most portraits look better when the subject turns their head to the side and looks at the camera from a 30-degree angle. This results in more defined cheeks and jawline, and it helps to make a put-on smile look more natural. You may find you have a more photogenic side after all!

Sit Up Straight

Posture is another big factor in photogenic smiles. While the camera may not be capturing your body, your posture shows through your expression. Standing or sitting up straight, with your head held high and your shoulders back, will make you look confident and help avoid the dreaded ‘double-chin’ look.

The Tongue Trick

This is an odd one, but models swear by it. For a closed-mouth smile, try pressing your tongue to the back of the roof of your mouth. Doing so tightens the muscles in your face and neck, giving your face more definition and helping to create a natural-looking smile.

Open and Close Your Eyes

Ever feel awkward about being in front of the camera? Try shutting your eyes a few seconds before taking the picture. Open them slowly, and slowly draw the corners of your mouth to a smile. While this won’t erase the awkwardness entirely, it can ‘reset’ it somewhat and give you a fresh look for the photo.

Look Up

Back in the day, this is what people called the “MySpace Angle.” Now, it’s better known as the Selfie Angle. But as much as people catch flack for it, most portraits (not just selfies) turn out better when the camera is positioned slightly above the subject’s eye-level. Looking up at the camera softens features and eliminate lines in the neck.

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Dental Supplies Company

According to Dental Planet, the average dental practice will spend about $500,000 on equipment and supplies for their business. The choice of supplies has a large impact on the quality of patient care and the future growth of a dental practice. While we’d all love to have the latest and greatest in new dental equipment, the expense means dentists must choose carefully.

Consider the following tips to ensure you get the most out of your money and avoid missteps when it comes to choosing a dental supplies company.


Do Your Research

When you identify a need for new equipment, your first step should be to do as much research as possible. You won’t know whether you’re investing in quality supplies unless you understand the options the market has on offer.

In the past, dental practitioners had to rely on catalogues, magazines, and word-of-mouth when researching new equipment and supplies. Now, the Internet is a valuable source of information for dentists. A reputable supplier of dental tools will have an online presence, complete with equipment specifications, to help dentists do their research.

Three-Month Rule

Writing for the Dental Economics website, Dr. Jeff Carter recommends taking three months to research your options, view demonstrations from vendors, and review pricing quotes before spending more than $20,000 on equipment.

Though this may only take a few hours in total, it’s best to spread this out over the course of a few weeks than attempt to rush through it. This will give you enough time to really consider the information you’ve learned. You may also need time to upgrade your existing systems to utilize the new supplies.

Find a Reputable Provider

Not all dental supplies are created equal. Prices aside, some simply perform better than others because they are made from high-quality materials or manufactured with more care. That’s why it’s important not to buy from anyone unless you’re sure the manufacturer is reputable.

When choosing a provider of dental tools, look for how long they’ve been on business, the after-sale service they offer, and their reputation among other professionals. Pay attention to reviews from practitioners with firsthand experience using the equipment or supplies. They know how it feels to use the equipment, how it stands up to real-world use, and how it impacts their practice.

You should also pay attention to any accolades your colleagues have given the company, like the Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice awards. Dental supplies is a crowded field, and those who stand above the rest will receive recognition for their work.

Tools for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Mental health professionals employ a number of different strategies to help clients dealing with issues such as anxiety and depression. One of the most widely used is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In addition to anxiety and depression, CBT is also effective for treating issues like eating disorders, anger, chronic pain, and addiction among others.

Some therapies revolve around what happens in a person’s life. CBT differs in that it concerns what the individual thinks about those events. Here is a basic overview of how CBT works and some information on mental health counsellors.

Changing Beliefs
Some therapists might choose to concentrate on a certain event in a person’s life as being the catalyst for their problems. For example, Elaine’s mother might have died while she was quite young and the therapist sees that as the event that triggered Elaine’s problems. CBT would focus not on the mother’s passing, but on the beliefs Elaine developed as a result (e.g. I am responsible for her death, She would not have been unhappy and died if I had never been born, et cetera). CBT clinicians feel that these thoughts contribute to the mental health problem the person experiences.


Tracking Your Thoughts
Let’s say that whenever Elaine thinks about her mother, those thoughts immediately come to mind. These are automatic thoughts and CBT will often ask clients to write them down when they occur. Therapists also ask clients to record other particulars, such as the situation or trigger that led to the thoughts, the person’s feelings at the time, the facts that support the thoughts, and the facts that do not support the thoughts.

In writing all of this out on a thought record, clients can easily review and analyze the information. By providing evidence both for and against the validity of the thoughts, a person can consider both sides and decide which is more valid.

Therapeutic Tools
Therapists also use this information to ask clients additional questions. These help to further identify the automatic thoughts that apply. These thoughts are important because they contribute to the person’s core beliefs. As these beliefs are responsible for the emotional turmoil the person experiences, it is important to make it obvious that they are not valid.

This knowledge helps a person stop the thoughts when they occur. If a situation arises where Elaine starts to think she is responsible for her mother’s death, she can recognize the thoughts for what they are: invalid distortions of reality. This revelation allows her to stop the thoughts from occurring and negatively affecting her emotional state.

Short Term Therapy
Some therapies require the patient to consult with the therapist for a period of months or even years; CBT teaches patients to act for themselves. They may continue seeing a therapist where needed, but the goal is for the individual to recognize and stop the thoughts before they continue doing the harm. This not only makes a person happier and more centered, it is also empowering.

Counselling Centre is a not for profit, multi-faith counselling agency committed to strengthening emotional and spiritual well-being. We believe that faith and spirituality are important resources for healing and change and embrace diversity and cultural inclusivity. We provide trained therapists who qualify for membership in the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.


Some Of My Favourite Products

Welcome back!  This time I will be sharing with all of you my favourite products and some new cool accessories I’ve found!  I’m a huge beauty and makeup gal so if you go through my makeup drawer, you’ll find hundreds of products.  I’m picking out a few standouts that I cannot live without.  I’m also sharing with you this cool new accessory I’ve heard about.  It’s the next new and upcoming hot product so you’ll hear it here first!

Beauty Blender
First up is a cult favourite – the Beauty Blender.  This sponge like blender is amazing.  It can be used for foundation, concealer, baking and much more.  You can use it dry or wet for different effects.  For me, this is what I use to put on foundation.  Nothing else works like it.  It blends in your foundation perfectly, making your skin look and feel so natural.  This is definitely my go-to product for everyday foundation use.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad thing about it!

Nars Blush
If you told me I could only pick out one makeup product to use my entire life, the Nars Orgasm blush is what I would pick.  This colour literally looks good on everyone.  I would call it the universal colour blush because it looks amazing on pale, olive, tan, and dark skin tones.  It’s a coral shimmer blush and just makes your skin glow.  In the summer, you’ll look like a glowy goddess, and in the winter, it warms up your cheeks so you look like you have a nice flushed flow.  It’s just the perfect makeup product and I can’t live without it!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner
This is my everyday go-to liquid pen eyeliner.  What I love about this the most is its felt tipped pen.  It’s also extremely fine, so you can do a winged out eyeliner look really easily.  It also stays all day.  And I mean that literally.  Whenever I need to take it off, I have to use proper eye makeup remover.  Otherwise, it will stay on forever.

Now for some new products that I’ve just discovered:

Engraved bracelets
Did you know engraved and monogrammed bracelets and necklaces are back again?  I just found out about this hot new accessory that is both useful and glamorous!  There are these new amazing custom engraved medic alert bracelets that you can get monogrammed and engraved to personalize it.  It’s perfect for people with medical conditions.  You just wear it as a bracelet, and there are ton of different options.  They almost remind me of those super expensive Hermes bands.  You can totally personalize it, which I love because then it becomes truly original and yours.  Check out for more on these hot accessories!


I hope you enjoyed my first post on my favourite products that I cannot live without!  I’m also definitely going to look more into these engraved bracelets.  I don’t have any medical conditions, but my best friend is deathly allergic to peanut butter, so I might grab one for her for her birthday!

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Style & Beauty Blogger Jules

beautyMemory is Fiction is a blog that I’ve created as an outlet for my passion for beauty, style and fashion.  I’ve always been involved and interested in makeup and jewelry, so I thought, why not start a blog and write about what I love the most!  I’m super excited to get started and just wanted to just use this as an introduction to who I am and what I do.

As you’ve probably already guessed, my name is Jules.  I’m 20 years old and currently a student at university studying fashion and design.  My interests include makeup, design, accessories, sketching, painting, film, and music.  I’m a huge fan of watching beauty blogger YouTube videos, and my favourites are Tati and Fleurdeforce.

I decided to start this blog as I’m in my third year of university.  A lot of other students already had their fashion and beauty blogs so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I’m hoping to do a lot of reviews on products as well as introduce to you all the products and accessories that I already love.  Stay tuned for more! 😉

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