Some Of My Favourite Products

Welcome back!  This time I will be sharing with all of you my favourite products and some new cool accessories I’ve found!  I’m a huge beauty and makeup gal so if you go through my makeup drawer, you’ll find hundreds of products.  I’m picking out a few standouts that I cannot live without.  I’m also sharing with you this cool new accessory I’ve heard about.  It’s the next new and upcoming hot product so you’ll hear it here first!

Beauty Blender
First up is a cult favourite – the Beauty Blender.  This sponge like blender is amazing.  It can be used for foundation, concealer, baking and much more.  You can use it dry or wet for different effects.  For me, this is what I use to put on foundation.  Nothing else works like it.  It blends in your foundation perfectly, making your skin look and feel so natural.  This is definitely my go-to product for everyday foundation use.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad thing about it!

Nars Blush
If you told me I could only pick out one makeup product to use my entire life, the Nars Orgasm blush is what I would pick.  This colour literally looks good on everyone.  I would call it the universal colour blush because it looks amazing on pale, olive, tan, and dark skin tones.  It’s a coral shimmer blush and just makes your skin glow.  In the summer, you’ll look like a glowy goddess, and in the winter, it warms up your cheeks so you look like you have a nice flushed flow.  It’s just the perfect makeup product and I can’t live without it!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner
This is my everyday go-to liquid pen eyeliner.  What I love about this the most is its felt tipped pen.  It’s also extremely fine, so you can do a winged out eyeliner look really easily.  It also stays all day.  And I mean that literally.  Whenever I need to take it off, I have to use proper eye makeup remover.  Otherwise, it will stay on forever.

Now for some new products that I’ve just discovered:

Engraved bracelets
Did you know engraved and monogrammed bracelets and necklaces are back again?  I just found out about this hot new accessory that is both useful and glamorous!  There are these new amazing custom engraved medic alert bracelets that you can get monogrammed and engraved to personalize it.  It’s perfect for people with medical conditions.  You just wear it as a bracelet, and there are ton of different options.  They almost remind me of those super expensive Hermes bands.  You can totally personalize it, which I love because then it becomes truly original and yours.  Check out for more on these hot accessories!


I hope you enjoyed my first post on my favourite products that I cannot live without!  I’m also definitely going to look more into these engraved bracelets.  I don’t have any medical conditions, but my best friend is deathly allergic to peanut butter, so I might grab one for her for her birthday!

This entry was posted on July 4, 2016, in Jewelry.